The Quad-port Gigabit Ethernet FMC

The instant solution for FPGA networking applications.

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Up & running in just 2 minutes.

Hit the ground running with fully functional example designs that you can download on Github now, and run on a wide range of FPGA dev boards.


Save development time.

Leverage the open source example designs for Vivado and accelerate your development cycles. We’ve taken care of the low-level so you can focus on your application.


Straightforward tech support.

Get help directly from the designer. No webcases, no automated emails, just straightforward assistance from an FPGA expert.

Easy ZedBoard integration

When paired with the ZedBoard, the Ethernet FMC is your fastest path to proof-of-concept. The fully functional examples for the ZedBoard allow you to start designing your product today.

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4 x Gigabit Ethernet PHYs

Marvell Gigabit Ethernet PHYs for maximum network compatibility and performance.


VITA 57.1 Compliant LPC

VITA 57.1 compliant Low-pin-count FMC connector for compatibility with all FMC carriers.


125MHz Oscillator

LVDS differential output oscillator to supply the FPGA with a clock for the Ethernet MACs.


Reference designs

Fully functional example designs available for download on Github.

How it works

This is how the ZedBoard and Ethernet FMC make a complete TCP/IP stack



Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Connect devices together on a computer network.


Hardware Accelerated Router

Forward packets between computer networks with minimum latency.


OpenFlow Switch

Test experimental protocols on existing networks.


Traffic Monitor

Probe, record and monitor the traffic on your networks.


Latency Measurement

Measure, track and analyze your device response times in real-time.


High-speed Congestion Control

Eliminate network congestion using hardware accelerated traffic control.

Redefine the world’s largest network

Redefine networking from the ground up with FPGA technology.

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