The Ethernet FMC (FPGA Mezzanine Card) is an add-on/expansion board for FPGA and SoC based development boards. The mezzanine card has 4x Marvell 88E151x Gigabit Ethernet PHYs to provide 4 ports of gigabit Ethernet connectivity to the carrier development board.

Top view

Ethernet FMC top

Bottom view

Ethernet FMC bottom



The Ethernet FMC can be ordered from the vendors listed below. The links under the part number column will take you to the corresponding order page.

VendorPart namePart number
OpseroEthernet FMC 1.8VOP031-1V8
OpseroEthernet FMC 2.5VOP031-2V5
Digi-KeyEthernet FMC 1.8VOP031-1V8
Digi-KeyEthernet FMC 2.5VOP031-2V5

Included with the Ethernet FMC are 2x machine screws for fixing the mezzanine card to the carrier board.