Getting Started

Minimum setup

To develop with the Ethernet FMC, we recommend you start by getting your hands on the minimum hardware and software requirements:

  1. An FPGA or MPSoC development board - make sure that it is on our list of compatible boards.
  2. A Robust Ethernet FMC to match the dev board.
  3. A license for the Xilinx TEMAC IP (unless you want to use something else, see below section on getting a license).
  4. Build and run one of our example designs.

Getting a license for the Xilinx Tri-mode Ethernet MAC

When do I need a license?

  • You want to use the example designs provided on this website that are based on the Xilinx soft TEMAC. (which is all of them at this point in time)
  • You want to create your own designs that are based on the Xilinx soft TEMAC.
    Using the Xilinx soft TEMAC can save you a considerable amount of time because you benefit from all the Xilinx support including example designs, documentation and drivers.

When do I NOT need a license?

  • You want to create your own designs that are not based on the Xilinx soft TEMAC.
    Your options: Design your own TEMAC, purchase a 3rd party TEMAC, or use the open source TEMAC on
  • You are using the Virtex®-4 FX or Virtex-5 LXT/SXT, which contain hard TEMACs.
    AND your device contains a sufficient number of them to support your application. If you need 4 ports, you must have 4 hard TEMACs in your device.

License types

Evaluation license

An evaluation license allows you to do everything you can do with the fully licensed IP core, including configuration, simulation and bitstream generation. You can also test the IP core on hardware, however it will cease to function after a certain period of time (typically 8 hours).

To obtain an evaluation license, visit Xilinx TEMAC Evaluation and click on the link Generate Soft TEMAC License Key. You will have to log into the Xilinx website, select the TEMAC evaluation license and click “Generate license”. Xilinx will then send you the license by email with instructions for how to install it.

Full license

The full license can be purchased as a “site” or “project” license. The project license limits use of the IP core to one project, generally meaning one bitstream, or one printed circuit board. The site license can be used on an unlimited number of projects however is limited to a single company site.

  • Project license part number: EF-DI-TEMAC-PROJ
  • Site license part number: EF-DI-TEMAC-SITE

Both licenses can be purchased from Xilinx here. Alternatively you can search the part numbers on Avnet and Digikey websites.