The Robust Ethernet FMC (FPGA Mezzanine Card) is an add-on/expansion board for FPGA and SoC based development boards. The mezzanine card has 4x Marvell 88E151x Gigabit Ethernet PHYs to provide 4 ports of gigabit Ethernet connectivity to the carrier development board.

Top view

Robust Ethernet FMC top

Bottom view

Robust Ethernet FMC bottom


Ethernet FMC vs Robust Ethernet FMC

The Robust Ethernet FMC was designed with the same FMC pinout as the Ethernet FMC however with a different RJ45 connector and magnetics. This gives the Robust Ethernet FMC a different physical form factor that is mechanically compatible with more carrier boards than the original Ethernet FMC .

Ethernet FMC (left) vs Robust Ethernet FMC (right)

The image above illustrates the differences between the Ethernet FMC and the Robust Ethernet FMC . They are two physically different boards, however they use the same pinout on the FMC connector, allowing them to be used interchangably with the same software running on the carrier board. The main difference between the boards is that the Robust Ethernet FMC uses Ethernet magnetics that are external to the RJ45 connector. This allows the Robust Ethernet FMC to have a height profile that is physically compatible with more carrier boards than the Ethernet FMC. For more detail, see Mechanical Information.

Like the Ethernet FMC , the Robust Ethernet FMC is available in two different voltage ratings: 1.8VDC and 2.5VDC.

The table below lists the 2 variations and their part numbers.

Part nameVoltage rating (VADJ)Part number
Robust Ethernet FMC 1.8V1.8VDCOP041-1V8
Robust Ethernet FMC 2.5V2.5VDCOP041-2V5

To determine which Robust Ethernet FMC is compatible with your development board, please refer to the list of compatible boards in the User Guide.


The Robust Ethernet FMC can be ordered from the vendors listed below. The links under the part number column will take you to the corresponding order page.

VendorPart namePart number
OpseroRobust Ethernet FMC 1.8VOP041-1V8
OpseroRobust Ethernet FMC 2.5VOP041-2V5
Digi-KeyRobust Ethernet FMC 1.8VOP041-1V8
Digi-KeyRobust Ethernet FMC 2.5VOP041-2V5

Included with the Robust Ethernet FMC are 2x machine screws for fixing the mezzanine card to the carrier board.