12 VDC+11.4+12+12.6V
3.3 VDC+3.14+3.3+3.46V
VADJ 2.5VDC+2.38+2.5+2.62V
VADJ 1.8VDC+1.71+1.8+1.89V

Power Consumption

The specifications below refer to the total current draw on each of the power supplies while the Ethernet FMC is connected to a development board and operating at 100% channel utilization.

12 VDC100%0mA
3.3 VDC100%740mA
VADJ 2.5 VDC100%144mA
VADJ 1.8 VDC100%144mA
  • Tests performed at ambient temperature of 25 degrees C
  • Tests performed using IP in the FPGA to generate the Ethernet packets

Note that Ethernet FMC usage will typically produce an increase in power consumption of the FPGA on the development board. This is due to the peripherals and IP that must be enabled in the FPGA to engage with the Ethernet PHYs. Also note that the total power consumption of the Ethernet FMC and development board is dependent on the ambient temperature and channel utilization.

Thermal Information

We have not performed comprehensive thermal testing on the Ethernet FMC, however we recommend that it be operated under ambient temperatures between 0 and 70 degrees C. This advice is based on the recommended ambient operating temperatures of the critical devices on the Ethernet FMC. These temperatures are listed in the table below.

Ethernet PHY070C
25MHz Crystal-1070C
MOSFET (FDV303N)-55150C
125MHz LVDS Clock Oscillator-2070C
Ethernet Magnetics (HX5020FNL)-4085C
Ethernet Magnetics (LP5020NLR)-4085C
RJ45 Connector (RJE72-488-1411)-4085C

Components that are not listed in the table above (such as resistors, capacitors) are selected to have minimum operating temperature that is lower than 0 degrees C, and maximum operating temperature that is greater than 70 degrees C.

Reset Timing

When hardware resetting the PHYs, we recommend using this timing:

  1. Hold the RESET_N signal LOW for 10ms
  2. Release the RESET_N signal (HIGH) and wait for 5ms

I2C (EEPROM) Timing

The serial EEPROM (part number ST, 2K EEPROM, M24C02-FDW6TP ) has a maximum operating clock frequency of 400 kHz.

MDIO Timing

  • The maximum MDC frequency supported by the 88E151x PHY is 12MHz.

88E151x Electrical and Timing

For electrical specs and timing related to the 88E151x signals listed below, please refer to the Marvell Marvell 88E151x public datasheet :

  • Reset
  • MDIO


  • RoHS
  • CE