Technical Specifications

Ethernet PHY

  • ┬áThe Ethernet FMC is loaded with 4 x Gigabit Ethernet PHYs.
  • The Marvell 88E1510 PHYs support the 1000BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, and 10BASE-T standards.
  • The PHY interface used is RGMII.
  • The MDIO bus of each PHY is routed to the FMC connector separately (ie. they do not share the same bus).
  • All PHYs are hard-wired with the address 0.
  • For maximum throughput specs, see performance benchmarks.

Power Supply

  • All power is supplied to the Ethernet FMC through the FMC connector.
  • The carrier must provide 3.3V and VADJ of either 2.5V or 1.8V (see following point).
  • The required VADJ depends on the version of the Ethernet FMC that you purchase – it is a selectable option when you add the product to your shopping cart. Be sure to select the right version for your carrier, if you’re unsure, please refer to the compatibility table or contact us.


  • Width 69mm x Length 69mm x Height 15.4mm
  • The Ethernet FMC was designed with the standard width (69mm) of a single-width FMC as specified by Vita 57.1 FMC Standard, however it is shorter in length.
  • Due to the height of the quad RJ45 connector, the physical envelope does not conform to the Vita 57.1 FMC Standard.

FMC Connector


  • ┬áThe FMC connector is the Samtec ASP-134604-01 low-pin-count (LPC) connector.
  • The pinout conforms to the Vita 57.1 FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) Standard.

RJ45 Connector



  • The quad RJ45 connector is the Pulse Electronics JG0-0025NL.
  • Each port has 2 green LEDs that together indicate link speed and signal the transmission and reception of packets.
  • Internal magnetics.




  • See here for a detailed list of compatible FPGA boards.
  • The Ethernet FMC is pin-compatible to all carriers that conform to the Vita 57.1 standard.
  • Compatible carrier examples: ZedBoard, AC701, KC705, VC707, VC709.
  • Generally, the Ethernet FMC is mechanically compatible with carriers that allow the FMC to extend over the edge of the PCB, such as the ZedBoard and the Xilinx evaluation boards.
  • Due to the height of the quad RJ45 connector, the Ethernet FMC is generally not mechanically compatible with carriers that extend the length of the FMC, such as AMCs.

Maximum throughput



The following table shows measured throughput per channel for various packet sizes. Measurements were made with all ports sending and receiving packets simultaneously.

Payload size (bytes)Effective throughput (Mbps)Channel efficiency

Read Performance Benchmarks for more information on how these measurements are made.




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